In Person & Online: Micro Branding 101 with JuneXJuly

By Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique (other events)

Sunday, April 16 2023 5:00 PM 6:30 PM EST

IN-PERSON: Doors open at 4:45pm / Class starts at 5:00pm EST

ONLINE: Zoom link sent at 4:00pm / Class starts at 5:00pm EST

**Recording available for 7 days after the class**

In this class, June X. July will be covering beginning microbranding techniques and how to’s. No prior knowledge is necessary, as you will leave class with active knowledge to pull from. Microbrands are semi-permanent marks which are MOST LIKELY temporary, but can also be PERMANENT marks depending on tools used, healing, and aftercare, which is highly individual. June will teach you how to build a basic tool kit, techniques for designing small brands, and how to actually microbrand a human. She will also be going over a lay person’s knowledge of experiential burn care, healing, and risks, and associated aftercare. In addition to, some touch points on how to plan, prepare, and negotiate microbrands. June encourages you to have pen and paper ready to take notes, as this class will provide a lot of information. Disclaimer: Microbrands have a risk of extreme burns with significant scarring. With this awareness, all microbrands should be approached & viewed as permanent, high risk marks. Microbrands heal in various ways, all which depend on how they are cared for & how your body heals. Microbrands can cause keloids. Microbrands disrupt melanin. This disruption may be permanent. If you have complications in healing, this can be a significant factor in how your microbrand will or will not heal. Microbrands can trigger chronic pain flares. Microbrands can cause swelling. Microbrand scabs that sweat, either from being covered with an unbreathable material, or by being wet for too long, will most likely scar permanently. Body areas with hair need to be clean-shaven before branding. These are all important to keep in mind when deciding to get a microbrand. Smaller brands tend to have less risk of complication, while larger brands tend to have a higher risk of complications. That said, this disclaimer is relevant for microbrands of all sizes. Scab removal by any means raises infection risk, scarring risk, & can effect the look of the brand healed

June X. July (she/they) is a Philly based microbrander and body modification artist. She has been microbranding both publicly and privately since 2018. She can usually be found designing larger, custom, ordeal-oriented designs, but continuously works to pioneer new techniques and to push the boundaries of size of brand and endurance. June is a lifetime artist who has blended art and body modification to help people realize their body modification dreams. June has co-hosted a popular Philadelphia Edge Play Skill Share and has been frequenting play parties at top dungeons in the Northeast for going on 6 years now. She has presented both 101 and 301 classes on various aspects of microbranding. June is available for private commissioned designs, ordeals through branding, talisman design, presenting, and she has a growing library of in process healing pictures and information about microbranding.

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