Online Only Anal Prep

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Thursday, September 14 2023 7:00 PM 8:30 PM EDT

Anal sex as depicted in pornography seems like a spontaneous act. “Sure, shove your entire dick in my ass! Who needs lube?”
In reality, however, performers spend anywhere from twenty minutes to several hours preparing their minds and bodies for anal penetration. In this course we will discuss the differing experiences of spontaneous versus planned and prepped anal sex, and walk you through several methods of cleaning and stretching the anus to help make even the roughest anal sex pleasurable.

About CarmenMonoxide
A former teacher with a lifelong passion for the bizarre and filthy, Carmen Monoxide (she/her) also works as a kink professional, event organizer, sex educator, and relationship coach. She has presented for small, medium, and large events across the United States (and a couple places in Canada). She founded Femme Fatale, a kink event company, and throws monthly parties in the Washington, DC area. She sometimes takes her clothes off and performs onstage and on camera, and is passionate about helping people overcome fear and shame in order to have authentic, fulfilling, sexy experiences.



Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique