Ankle Rope, Shin Rope, Toe Rope! with Parker RopeBoi and Juniper Quinn

By Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique (other events)

Sunday, December 17 2023 2:00 PM 3:30 PM EDT

Class is recorded and the recording is available for 7 days afterwards in case you can't watch live or want to refresh your memory. 

In this workshop, participants will learn about: 

Ankle ties 

precision and purpose in wrap placement, wrap angling, & knot placement 

3 different structures/positions of single-column ankle ties 

tying choices for different purposes, including body position and degree of force, including applications in suspension 

risks and safety precautions 

Calf & Shin ties 

calves as anchor points 

risks & safety precautions, including nerves 

calf & shin ties for sustainability, comfort, or "torture" 

Toe rope 

multiple specific toe rope techniques/ties 

materials for toe rope & other microbondage

incorporating toe rope into larger rope ties & rope scenes

risks and safety precautions 

You can attend this workshop with or without a partner.  

If you are seeking a workshop partner, there will be an opportunity (though no guarantees) to pair up with someone else at start of the workshop. Self-tying participants are also welcome.  Observers are also welcome. Please tie within your skill level. 

If you plan to tie in the workshop, you should know how to tie a Somerville bowline single-column tie, which you can learn here:

About the Presenters:

Parker RopeBoi (IG: @parkerropeboi) is a queer, non-binary rope performer and educator who has been presenting workshops and rope performances across North America and Europe. since 2009. Known for their daredevil self-suspension performances, Parker is also a versatile rope top who enjoys tying others and sharing their passion for rope. Parker considers rope to be a versatile medium for enabling and disabling corporeal possibilities, presenting and overcoming impasses, instigating intense sensations, and suspending bodies in space. As an educator, Parker enjoys breaking down complex scenes and into teachable skills and techniques. Parker respects and appreciates that all bodies are different and that there are no “one-size-fits-all” techniques. Parker strives to foster an inclusive, affirming environment for adults of all bodies, histories, and identifications to learn and enjoy rope. Parker offers workshops and private lessons for levels ranging from novice to advanced. Parker lives in New York City and hosts the monthly event Queer Rope Social NYC.

Juniper Quinn (IG: @juniperquinn_) is a bubbly rope switch who loves using rope as a tool for pain, pleasure, silliness, and connection. As a rope bottom, Juniper delights in creating interesting shapes in the air, challenging herself both physically and mentally, and exploring new possibilities through self-tying. She enjoys rope’s demand for presence and mindfulness and employs a deep sense of connection to her body and to her partners when tying.

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