Erotica Writing 101 In Person and Online

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Sunday, October 1 2023 3:00 PM 4:30 PM EDT

Hey You, 

It's your diary, here. I'm just writing to say, I miss you. I miss us. Our fun. Dirty fun. I miss when you'd draw your fantasies up and down my spine like ice cubes. Remember that rippling highschool quarterback? Remember Your first orgasm! In college! With Lily... All those precious secrets I won't ever tell. But, baby, these days all I hear all about is your work life balance and your mortgage! You seem so stressed. And so flush! Why? Are you thinking about Lily's pigtails wrapped around your wrenching hands? Wouldn't it be so nice to come to bed, open me, press your pen into my broad sheets just like your stiletto pressed into the nape of your bosses' neck? 

Hey hottie, wouldn't it be so nice to join instructor Woody Woodger as she demystifies the art of erotic writing? Her class won't just make you the smoothest-talkin’ profile on Feeld, but you will learn beginner skills to go deeper in your writing; to reflect on your spiciest memories, examine yourself and your fantasies, and let your imagination alone give you play and pleasure.

Don't know, could be fun.

Yours Forever,

-Diary <3

In this workshop we will:

-Demystify erotic writing by focusing on the 5 senses: sight, taste, smell, touch, and sound; discovering writing that is about play and pleasure.
-Engage in a series of linked writing exercises to model how one prepares to write with intention.
-Write a sexy letter to your favorite food to practice the writing skills we've learned.
-Discuss how erotic writing can be a complete sexual experience, can serve as foreplay, or can reveal insights into our sexual desires and fantasies.
-Identify the ways to keep yourself safe and pleasured while exploring new sexual interests or taboos.
-Relieve beginners of their anxieties around writing by offering helpful tricks and tips.

Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique