In Person and Online: Body Modification Through Pumping CW: NUDITY

By Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique (other events)

Saturday, June 17 2023 4:00 PM 5:30 PM EDT

IN-PERSON: Doors open at 3:45pm / Class starts at 4:00pm EST

ONLINE: Zoom link sent at 2:00pm / Class starts at 4:00pm EST

**Recording available for 7 days after the class**


Temporary body modification using pumping equipment can be a gender affirming and bending and sexually gratifying kink with ties into medical play, objectification, and dollification. We will discuss various types of pumping devices, the risks involved with this kink, tips we've found useful, and other important information. We will demo various pumping devices on nipples, breasts, and genitalia. 

Cecilia T. Winters ('CTW' - She/Her) is your typical queer Millennial. Born at the start of the internet age, she has always benefited from information at her fingertips. She identifies as bisexual and ethically non-monogamous. She has served as a dungeon and playspace monitor, a demo top for a number of local and national kink events, and as a presenter. Her non-kink interests include reading, making lists, watching early 2000s crime dramas, and learning about ancient human cultures. 

Fischer Garrett ('Mister' - He/Him) is a bisexual, polyamorous top. His time spent in the lifestyle has led him through a journey of self discovery, from once being totally monogamous to being a relationship anarchist; from wanting nothing to do with bondage to developing a way to practice bondage in a relatively unperformed and under-documented fashion. In the past several years he has volunteered for larger kink events as a member of a consent incident response team, a dungeon/playspace monitor, and recently as a presenter. He is a huge fan of costumes and masks, and it is not unusual to know that he is around but often in clever and sometimes strange disguises. 

Together they are co-authors of the book, "The Art of Chain: A Guide to Steel Restraint" (Mystic Productions, 2022).

Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique