Intro to Rope Bondage In Person ONLY

By Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique (other events)

Wednesday, October 4 2023 6:00 PM 7:30 PM EDT

This class is designed for those who have never used rope as a bondage tool before or for beginners seeking an introduction to some technical terms and applications. Most of the class will involve active participation and tying along with the instruction. You do not need a partner to participate. 


The class will follow these topics in this order: 


basic safety guidelines, body awareness, and basic terms

Single column tie using a Somerville bowline knot. We’ll discuss why this is a perfect building block and foundational tool and the safety checks needed to use it.

Single column tie using reverse tension and a larks head knot.  We’ll discuss why this is a great additional option, additional safety precautions and how to apply it when anchoring your rope to inanimate objects. 

Double column tie using the Somerville bowline knot. We’ll discuss when to use this as an additional option and additional safety checks.

Mina has been an active member of the Philadelphia kink community for 20 years. She has spent that time as a professional dominatrix, an event organizer, a mentor, a resource and an active participant. Her primary passion and area of expertees is rope bondage and suspension. She offers private lessons and has been involved in many local educational events and conventions. You can find her information and forms of contact on fetlife @Mina_007

Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique