IN-PERSON & ONLINE: Sensational Sensation Play with Madamme Seduction

By Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique (other events)

Saturday, November 19 2022 6:00 PM 7:30 PM EDT

IN-PERSON: Doors open at 5:45pm / Class starts at 6:00pm EST

ONLINE: Zoom link sent at 5:00pm / Class starts at 6:00pm EST

Hot wax, cold ice, blindfolds and long nights. Sensation play is the perfect way to explore the kink using the 5 senses, elevating any night into ecstasy. Dame Sadie will use her 3 R’s Reflection, Rituals, and Resources to equip you with all you need to plan a sensation play scene.

Reflections will ask you to think about what you want to feel and dream up the many possibilities to tease, tickle, or torture your way through the 5 senses. Rituals will show you step by step how to safely achieve those desires using all kinds of implements including dollar store trinkets. Resources will connect you to books, podcast, and shows to watch that will build up your sensation play IQ.

Said to be the love child of Okoye and Maleficent, Madamme Seduction aka Dame Sadie (she/they) is a Black, polyamorous, queer, fem dom, wire artist, burlesque performer, kinkster, educator, coach, community healer, and sexual somatics scholar. As a certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher,  Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Master Life Coach her goal is to increase awareness around the healing power of pleasure.

Passion 101 Classes at PASSIONAL Boutique